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    1. All car accessories products like seat covers / interior products / perfumes, shown here are indicative. We do our best to give better result than shown. It may be possible that actual arrangement/ design/color varies due to availability and other reasons beyond our control. In such cases Customer are not liable for any compensation
    1. In rare cases after placing the order, delivery  may not be possible due to remote area, long distance, non-availability of product, Non availability of service either temporarily/permanently, delivery person met with an accident, damage of product, strike, protest, rain, natural calamity, lack of transportation.  In such case AGEBAH have full authority to take decision to cancel the order and full refund shall be done. No compensation shall be done for such cancellation.
    1. AGEBAH will always try to dispatch the product within 2-3 days. In some cases, earlier or delay may happen and no complaint or compensation shall be accepted.
    1. Delivery of certain items may not be possible under certain uncontrollable circumstances. However, you always have a right to get 100% refund of your money for such items.
    1. Requests for cancellation of orders will not be entertained after processing the order.  however, in rare cases it can be considered. The decision of AGEBAH will be final in this case.
    1. We reserve the right to cancel any order without providing any reason. This will be regardless of whether the payment has been confirmed / received. Payment for the cancelled orders will be refunded and the Customer will be informed. No compensation shall be done for the cancelled order.
    1. For orders in which problem arises owing to the mistake of the Customer e.g. wrong address or incomplete information or recipient not reachable, no refund will be given. Redelivery charges, if any, will be borne by the Customer.
    1. It is the sole responsibility of the Customer to check the order detail including product, address, date, time in the order confirmation received through email.
    1. AGEBAH is not responsible for any Human or technical error made by the Customer. For such cases the customer should call/email about the any error / changes in the product/address/mobile.  Any changes in Product / address/error  shall be considered only after getting email  confirmation from AGEBAH
    1. The Customer agrees to give the correct information which is true and authentic. We reserve the right to confirm the information provided by the Customer.
    1. Refund for Cancellation of Order either by the Customer or by AGEBAH will be settled at the earliest as soon as the formal procedure is completed. In some cases the delay may happen due to Payment gateway / Bank formalities. In such cases Customer can send an email about non-credit of payment and AGEBAH will do all the coordination to get back the amount.  No compensation shall be done for such delay
    1. We will not be responsible for any delay / non-delivery of the order because of flood, fire, wars or for any reason that are beyond our control. For such orders a complete refund will be provided.
    1. In some cases the shipment of product shall be delayed due to back order / Manufacturing time.  In such cases Customer are not liable to claim any  compensation for the delay.
    1. There may be delay in delivering the product after shipment due to  the concern courier company / difficult to identify the location / remote area.  In such cases AGEBAH shall do all the coordination to deliver the product at the earliest.  Customer is not liable to clain any compensation for the delay.